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  • In recent years, medical device stampings have shown a dynamic growth trend, and medical device manufacturers are also continuously looking for better turning centers and tools to enhance their competitive advantage. This has also become an important channel for the growth of the tool industry. Yichi Metal saw this huge development pr…

  • Yichi Metal 2019 Leisurely Thousand Island Lake Annual Tour

  • There are two types of discharge plates in the stamping die. One is the rigid discharge plate, which has large discharge force and reliable discharge, and is mainly used for strips with a thickness of more than 0.5mm. One is the elastic pressure discharge plate, which uses rubber, spring and other elastic elements to provide the discharge…

  • The reasons for the occurrence of unilateral burrs in metal stamping parts are mainly in the following aspects:1). Die assembly error. If the punch and the fixing plate are not perpendicular or loose due to wear, or the positioning pin is loose, it cannot be guaranteed that the male and female molds have the correct fixing position.2) Poo…

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